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What can an IP address reveal?

The IP address can show you some interesting details. The simplest data to obtain from your real IP address is your approximate physical location and your ISP.

Here's what you get using our IP check tool:

imgPlace (country, region, city)

imgLatitude and longitude

imgInternet Service Provider


imgIP address type

You can use our IP address lookup tool to verify an IP address, find its precise geographic location, and determine the Internet Service Provider that owns the address. This information comes in handy if you detect any malicious activity on your network and want to check their origin so that you can improve security if needed.

What can the IP address lookup tool be used for?


Verify IP address

Want to verify devices connected to your network? Or verify a device's IP address? IP lookup tools can verify IP addresses and help detect any malicious activity.

Find IP geolocation

IP lookup tools provide you with the exact location details of your IP address. If you know the IP address, you can instantly find the city, state, zip code, and country for that IP address

Get ISP and hostname for an IP

The IP lookup tool does much more than that, it can even tell you the hostname of that IP address and the ISP that owns that IP address. Great for when you want an extra layer of security.

Why should I hide my IP address?

img Protect your online privacy
Your IP may reveal your location, ISP, browsing history, and some personal details to service providers or advertisers. Cybercriminals can also use it to discover large amounts of your private data. If you want to move around the internet without being tracked by your ISP, ad network, or search engine, the only way is to hide your IP address. This way you can surf while remaining anonymous.
img Access geo-restricted content
You may need to change your IP address to access geo-restricted content. For example, if some services are not available in your country, changing your IP address can help you switch virtual locations and access them. Hiding your IP address allows you to bypass these blocks and allows you to access any site on the Internet.
img Avoid censorship and surveillance
Some governments closely monitor and censor Internet users' online activities, and in some cases may impose fairly severe penalties. By hiding your IP address, you can avoid such surveillance and access the Internet freely.
img Prevent bandwidth throttling
Some internet service providers tend to reduce internet speed during peak hours or when users engage in certain activities. By hiding your IP address, you can avoid speed throttling and enjoy normal speeds all the time.

One click and no one can see your IP

Connect to the PIA S5 Proxy server, get a new IP address, and surf the web with confidence. Your traffic will be encrypted by next-generation security algorithms. Just one click:

Hide your IP

Simply choose one of our thousands of servers and change your IP to this server address. No one will know where you browse or what you browse.

Encrypt your internet traffic

PIA S5 Proxy will encrypt your traffic using its advanced encryption algorithms. You can browse securely and privately, and no organization or cybercriminal can snoop on you.

Change your virtual location

By connecting to one of our servers, you can change your virtual location and access content that is not available in your locale.

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